Renderforest Review

Have you got an idea you would like to explain? Do you have a media channel and you would like to have an amazing video? Then Renderforest is the perfecta software for you. Renderforest is a free online video production platform which allows individuals and businesses to create broadcast quality videos including wedding, family and traveling photo slideshows, explainer and promotional videos, logo animations, kinetic typography and much more.


Renderforest provides a huge library of templates with different settings. You can preview them and upload your logo, music and text to customize it and suit your needs. After doing this, all you need to do is click preview and done, you will have an amazing video done in less than 2 minutes.


This is the process:

Select a Template


We chose Neon Power Logo Reveal since we felt it was the perfect template for our brand.

After doing this, the process is pretty much straight forward. First choose your logo (.png is ideal) and text.

Then choose a music track that enhances the amazing visual experience this video template provides, in our case we chose 7 port.

Finally click on preview and let the magic happen.

And this is what you will see.

You will realise that the video is low resolution and has watermarks. If you want an HD version without watermarks then you have to buy it. This can get a little bit expensive depending on your budget, but we believe that it’s totally worth it and that it provides an amazing bang for the buck.